Active Geography at St. Patrick's RCVA Primary School (Rainforest Session)

The rainforest day takes a cross-curricular approach focussing on geography, science and DT. The session compares the Amazon Rainforest with deciduous woodlands in the UK and explores the geography and biodiversity of these two habitats. The survival element of the session involves a plan, design and review approach to shelter-building for a survival scenario. A list of resources available for shelter–building are sent to the school in advance to enable designs to be prepared and evaluations of the designs can be done following the day.

“Thank you for brilliant day!  Despite the wet field the children enjoyed the experience. The children able to use trial and error to refine their shelters, which provided some hands-on learning. It was great to have the right amount of den building equipment allowing the children to make choices. Thanks you for the extra time you provided at the end of the session to enable all groups to share their shelters and to celebrate their success.” -A. Fisher, St. Patrick’s RCVA Primary School.
Outdoor and Sustainability Education Service
The EWE Centre,
Esh Winning Primary School
The Wynds, Esh Winning,
Durham, DH7 9BE

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