Ebchester CE Primary School

Ebchester CE Primary School wanted to bring their raised beds and polytunnel back into use.

OASES worked with each class at key points in the growing season and delivered two twilights focusing on gardening skills and knowledge. Through this the staff learnt what to plant when and where as well as the varieties which would crop during school term time. The staff gained confidence in working in the garden with their classes and delivered science, maths and English outdoors.

By the end of the project the pupils were harvesting and selling salad leaves, pea pods and radishes and tasting fruit and vegetables which they had never tried before.

“As a school we have benefited greatly from the input from OASES. The visits have been super and our raised beds and polytunnel are back in use again!” - Teacher from Ebchester CE Primary School.

Outdoor and Sustainability Education Service
The EWE Centre,
Esh Winning Primary School
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