Oakley Cross Primary School

Oakley Cross Primary School had a thriving gardening club but wanted the whole school to benefit from using the garden area as part of the curriculum.

OASES delivered three twilights for staff covering gardening skills and knowledge and using the garden as part of the curriculum.  The staff found the sessions enjoyable, practical and were amazed at the range of ideas and how the outdoors can be used to develop creativity and imagination.

Over the course of this year OASES will be delivering sessions with each class at key parts of the growing season. These will enable teachers to gain practical experience and confidence to use the school garden with their pupils.

"Practical, useable ideas that can be used without too much extra equipment!"- Teacher at Oakley Cross Primary School.

"Inspirational Ideas!"-Teacher at Oakley Cross Primary School.

"Having a reminder of how many activities and the wide range of activities that can be delivered outside"- Teacher at Oakley Cross Primary School.

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