OASES are working with the Durham Heritage Coast team to deliver an exciting range of activities to enagage school children with their local Denes.

We will be taking a class of Year 5 pupils from Easington Colliery Primary school to Castle Eden Dene to enable them to complete their John Muir Discover award.  They will be discovering and exploring the Dene and then completing conservation tasks (like 'balsam bashing') to improve the Dene. Finally the class will be sharing their experiences through a whole school assembly.

The Nurture Group at Easington Colliery have completed several weeks of Karma Kids activities at Hawthorne Dene.  The boys have undertaken various Forest Bathing, Forest School and yoga based activities, all of which have left them very chilled.

For a little clip of their thoughts please click here.

Year 6 students from Easington Colliery Primary will be working with OASES to explore hydrology of river basins.  The group will begin with various games and experiments in the school grounds and then move onto completing fieldwork investigations in Hawthorne Dene.

The Year 4 students at Easington Colliery Primary spent some lovely days with OASES down in Hawthorne Dene investigating the various myths and legends that tell the tale of the various trees in the locality. 

We got our hands muddy and had lots of fun with the Year 1 children at Easington Colliery.  Digging for treasure, making mud paintings and completing messy investigations were just a few of the activities that we enjoyed together.


The Year 5 children and Easington Colliery will soon be learning how to navigate their way around Dene before setting up their very own orienteering courase within this wonderful site.

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