Eco2 Smart Schools

The School Carbon Reduction Programme, delivered by OASES offers FREE support to all of the schools within the Energy Management SLA. Schools that are not part of the SLA can also take out a contract for the delivery of the project directly with OASES.

The OASES team are currently delivering the programme with 269 Durham Schools (Infant, Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Special).

The programme delivery is tailored to the individual needs of each school but follows a standard template to ensure they will all receive the same information and guidance.  Schools that engage fully with the programme will receive the following support:

  • Whole school audit undertaken by a member of the OASES team (in conjunction with relevant school staff; head teacher, caretaker, business manager etc.)
  • Report detailing the results of the audit with recommended actions to reduce energy use.
  • Representations of school occupancy hours to ensure boiler settings are reflective of the actual use of the building, and can be viewed by any maintenance/service engineers.
  • Delivery with a group of students (class, school council, eco-group etc.) to launch an energy awareness campaign (form a school energy team, display an energy awareness noticeboard, develop an energy policy for the school and if appropriate host an assembly)
  • Summary report detailing activities within the school and any further actions that can be taken.
  • School Carbon Action Plan detailing responsibilities of staff/students with actions to be completed/addressed within a time frame.
  • Systemslink report detailing the most up to date information relating to the schools energy use (in school ‘training’ as to how to access and use the system, access to various graphs and tables of data according to past and present use - including the monthly profile footprint report that can easily highlight out of hours use)
  • Carbon Trust reports (currently available over three years so data comparisons can be made) that refer to the annual cost of energy used by each school, the tonnes of CO2 they have emitted and the breakdown of costs according to their different fuel uses (electricity/gas/oil etc.) 

Since the project started in 2010 OASES has worked with nearly all of the schools in county Durham. As a result of this intervention Durham schools have seen their energy usage significantly reduce, collectively saving over £2.6 million against business as usual predictions. This is equivalent to 13,000 tonnes of Carbon.

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