Sea Less Plastic

OASES was given funding from LEAF (Local Environmental Action Fund) to raise awareness of the problem with sea plastic.
To do this, we have worked with five schools/six classes in Sunderland schools. Each child involved gained the John Muir Award through the programme. To achieve this, they had to Discover, Explore and Conserve a place, and then Share their experiences.
The children learnt about the problem with sea plastic and the John Muir award. They explored Roker Beach and got the chance to discover what lives in rock pools and conserve the beach by litter picking. Overall, the classes collected nearly 100kg of litter from the beach, potentially saving hundreds of marine animals.
The classes then shared their experiences in two ways:
1. They then shared everything that they did with the rest of the school through an assembly.
2. They have made sculptures of marine animals which were displayed around Roker as part of the Sea Less Plastic trail. The following schools each created different sea creatures out of waste plastic:
• English Martyrs - Sea turtle out of plastic bottles
• St Benet's - School of fish made from plastic bottles
• Fulwell Juniors - Bloom of Jellyfish made from an umbrella, bottles and plastic bags
• Grangetown - A whale made from plastic bags and netting
• Seaburn Dene - A shark made from a wire frame and plastic bags.

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