EYFS Sessions

Forest Schools & Fantasy
Encourage communication, language and literacy and let the OASES team take your children on a voyage of discovery around your grounds, or within a local woodland. Your children will follow a trail of clues and instructions to help solve various puzzles and problems. There will be lots of activities to do and several characters to help along the way. Best delivered within a woodland.

Forest Schools Minibeast Discovery
Discover lots of different minibeasts and learn fun facts about our little friends (like why insects vomit). Minibeasts are a great way to teach children about the world around them and to instil a sense of care for the environment. We’ll even have a go at making some minibeasts of our own! Best delivered where a mixture of habitats exist (grassland, scrub, woodland).

EYFS Beach Art
From sandy sock painting to stone sculptures your children will have a ball at the beach and learn lots about art & design within this unique and exciting environment. Just the tickle of sand under your toes is a learning experiences that every young person should have! A beach is obviously essential!

EYFS Beach Schools Exploration
Explore the beach safely with OASES support. Let your children rock pool, and marvel at the living things they find inhabiting the shallows. Help them to find shells, and then learn about the creatures they came from. Scavenge the beach and see what treasures are hidden amongst the seaweed.  A beach is obviously essential!

EYFS Water & Ice Fun
From sponge spiders to duck races and den building! This fun packed session will see your little ones damp but smiling. OASES will take over your setting and create various wet play activity stations for your children to discover whilst the more competitive children engage in water based games. Only available as a half-day session.

Really Messy Mark Making
Add a new dimension to letter formation and phonics by making mark making messy. From foam and froth to mud and clay, allow your wee ones to sink their hands into their learning and truly immerse themselves in Literacy. Only available as a half-day session.

Beach Session - Sensory Exploration
Experience the sights, sounds, smells and feel of the beach.

Outdoor and Sustainability Education Service
The EWE Centre,
Esh Winning Primary School
The Wynds, Esh Winning,
Durham, DH7 9BE