Primary Citizenship Sessions

Children’s Rights
Help your children to understand their rights under the UN Conventions Rights of the Child. Available as a general introductory session or as an aid to appreciating the content of individual Articles.

Global Learning
Do your children have a global outlook? Do they understand why people migrate and move around the world? This session will help them appreciate the lives and choices (or lack of) of others.

Team Building Challenges
Can your children complete all of the OASES outdoor team building challenges? Dress for all weathers, as you might get wet!!!

Survival Days
Learn what’s safe to consume in the wild, how to purify water and how to keep warm in all weathers on our survival day special. Which team of mixed-ability pupils will survive and which will meet a sticky end?!

Calming Down in the Outdoors
Use the power of nature to calm and sooth your children. Through a variety of sensory exploration activities the children will explore their natural connection with nature. Reflection and breathing techniques will be introduced along with simple meditative practices.

Outdoor and Sustainability Education Service
The EWE Centre,
Esh Winning Primary School
The Wynds, Esh Winning,
Durham, DH7 9BE