Primary Geography Sessions

Fieldwork Skills (soil sampling, rivers, vegetation)
Discover where a river runs fastest, what a loam soil feels like and/or how to take a transect. Tailor your session to suit your needs and the Geographical skills you wish your pupils to develop.

Map Reading and Creation
Create and map your own island. Learn what 5 things every map must have and then discover how to orientate and map your school grounds.

Rainforest Survival
From hanging a hammock to learning about the different animals, insects and plants that can kill you. This fun session will determine if your children can survive for more than a day in a Tropical Rainforest!

Beach Session - Stranded on a Treasure Island
Follow the treasure map to find the treasure, learn how to create a sand anchor, make a den and have a go at creating a campfire.


Outdoor and Sustainability Education Service
The EWE Centre,
Esh Winning Primary School
The Wynds, Esh Winning,
Durham, DH7 9BE