School Trips

Why not let OASES organise your next school trip? Whether you want a class visit to a local location or a whole school visit to one of our partner sites, we can ensure that your trip experience is smooth and successful.

OASES regularly organises school trips to our partner sites:

You can choose the curriculum content of your visit by selecting from our extensive range of sessions to Engage Pupils or OASES can tailor-make a visit to fit with your requirements.

Each site comes with its own special features, so please take a moment to explore the different locations.

Popular sessions that can be delivered at all sites:

Den Building
Can you select suitable natural materials and use your knowledge of forces, such as gravity and friction, to design and build a stable and waterproof shelter for you and your friends?

Environmental Arts and Crafts
Be inspired by the art created by local artists. Can you use a range of natural materials to create sculptures and pictures, thinking about colour, texture, pattern, line and shape?

Homes and Habitats
Discover the wildlife that lives on our partner sites.  Learn about how the animals and plants have adapted to survive in different habitats.

Mini Beast Discovery
Learn how to capture and identify different mini beasts and take a closer look at how mini beasts survive.

Develop your geographical skills by learning how to find features on a map and using it to navigate. Put your knowledge to the test by following an exciting orienteering course.

Rainforest Survival Day
Learn about the plant layers of the rainforest and the animals that live there. Explore a deciduous woodland; how does it compare or contrast to a rainforest? Finally put your survival skills to the test; can you create a sfae place to sleep in a rainforest? Can you decide which rainforest plants would be useful and which plants would be poisonous?

Sensory Exploration
Use your senses to explore the environment. Compare textures on a texture trail, search for colour and patterns in nature and listen to environmental sounds and try to create your own 'natures smell!'

Survival Skills
What do humans need to survive? Learn about the challenges that you may face if stranded in the outdoors, such as bad weather and lack of water, and see if you can work together to come up with practical solutions to overcome these.

Tree and Plant Identification
Learn how to identify the different common plants and trees found on our partner sites. Use your senses to explore their unique characteristics and learn about their special properties.

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