Introduction to Forest Bathing

Discover the calming effect of nature with our Forest Bathing introduction. Try immersing yourself in the sounds and scents of the natural world and find how this can benefit the wellbeing of children of all ages.

Our forest bathing sessions are focussed on a sensory experience of the outside world. Participants can use Hamsterley Forest or an area either within or near their school grounds and take part in a series of games and activities that would allow them to fully explore the outdoor space with all its sights, smells, sounds and textures.

During these sessions, there are opportunities to talk about the experiences but for those who want to just be quiet and still this should be recognised as an important part of their response to the space. Boundaries are provided but there is no pressure to meet any specific demands.

Our staff will introduce strategies that encourage participants to focus on calm and positive aspects of the outside space. This leads to the development of strategies to cope with difficult situations both outside and inside in the future.

Pilot schemes with children have shown that being outside and being allowed to explore an outside space in this way leads to:

  • Improved communication skills - the nature of the activities and the setting itself facilitates cooperation and sharing, encouraging unpressured communication between the children and between the children and staff
  • Biophilia – pupils tend to explore and develop their instinctive connection with nature and other forms of life of all different kinds
  • Sense of space – many pupils feel restricted by the confines of a classroom. The outdoors provides them with space, which brings with it physical and mental freedom.
  • Sense of calm – pupils often feel less anxious outdoors. Pupils are often willing to spend more time just listening to the sounds in nature or sitting still witnessing nature's movements than many of us imagine.
  • Increased confidence – pupils improve their ability to share their discoveries with others, they are more willing to explore new things and experience new environments.
  • And happier pupils who enjoy being outdoors.

For further information please see the Forest Bathing flyer.

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